1. City voice
  2. Love lost Citykiss
  3. Crash on love
  4. Love lost city
  5. Evil
  6. Bird
  7. Touch of love
  8. Hurdle Girdle man
  9. Summer's on your mind
  10. Chicago

Crash on love

Stood on top of that, nothing to loose
Why I’m back, don’t ask, don’t have a clue
Walked this road before, just try my shoes
Stamped this track and path for love to use

Crash on love is such a common view
From here on top of that, nothing to lose

Smoked a pack of fags
Nothing to do
Rode the dream en route
To loving you
Woke and knew that you
Had left me too
Cried and tanked a cheap
Bottle of booze


Lost a life so bright, pretty confused
Trashed my love for you, ran out of fuel
Sold my tooth of gold and hit the blues
Burned the bridge, that takes me back to you