1. City voice
  2. Love lost Citykiss
  3. Crash on love
  4. Love lost city
  5. Evil
  6. Bird
  7. Touch of love
  8. Hurdle Girdle man
  9. Summer's on your mind
  10. Chicago


The guy that you might know
Your love lost city clown
You’re part of his night show
Somewhere somehow
So every night
A star so bright

The sigh that your life breath
Your heart can never lie
The love is at your feet
Somewhere somehow
So pick it up
Don’t ever stop

I’m a bird all alone
I got wings to leave tomorrow
I’m a bird on my own
The wind will heal my sorrow
So if you lie to me
If you ever lie to me
You‘ll be the one all alone
And I’ll be long long gone

The world is your hometown
For you to take it all
Sweet girl now you’re homebound
Somewhere somehow
The word is love
So what’s your call

The scars from your heart blow
Your beautiful broken wings
Someday they’ll let you go
Somewhere, somehow
Like say goodbye
Don’t wonder why