And now it is out……so don’t miss it (01/09-2004)
The CD: ”Don’t touch my soul”A rocking sound bite from the sixties and seventies.

Peter Deleuran has composed the music, helped along by Anders Hove who threw in a few words here and there. It all started way back in the fall of 2001. Armed with 2 guitars and a lot of good wine, Peter and Anders lock themselves up in a cottage far away from just about anything. Now and then they had to go home, pretending being good and loving fathers and husbands, but every time they had the chance they would sneak out and go back to the cottage. By the end of 2003 they realized they had suffered enough, it was payback time, so they decided to record the stuff, sorry about that. 13 songs with top-ics like the all-consuming love – glimpse of hope and dreams – the nightlife aren’t no good life situation - and other f-ups in life...it serve you right to suf-fer. Peter went to France – reunited with an old friend of his, Christian Alvad who has his own recording studio up in the Pyrenees. They spent 4 weeks to-gether - Peter with a general idea about what he wanted - Christian with his seldom poetic and gentle touch, no matter which instrument he picks up, and Anders staying back home, much against his will, doing his theatre and on the phone to France at least twice a day, getting an update, coming up with a new line here and there, or make sure Peter would have the right phone nu-mber so he could call Lynette near Omaha, getting the right sound bite from the t n t show on radio station Z92. Looking for a raw guitar to back up on ”Hunting for love” and a gentle harmonica to support on ”Poor old boy from Omaha” Christian and Peter took Luna, the fat fat husky dog, for a walk in the local town, and believe it or not, there the ran into Xavier, who truly plays a mean guitar, and Guillaume, who equally blows a heart-warming harmonica. The right folks at the right place at the... A lot of things had to come together, and they did, it wasn’t easy at all, like first-timers seldom are, but it was a lot of fun, and we sincerely hope you can hear it, so turn it on…and by the way, make sure you have fun in Omaha when you get there...

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The band

  1. Peter Deleuran
  2. Peter Deleuran og Christian Alvad
  3. Sara Alvad
  4. CC Møller
  5. Jens Chr. Damm Pedersen
  6. Mikkel Raki Balele Sortstjerne
  7. Martin Sommer
  8. Dennis Ahlgren
  9. Guillaume Ribeyrolles
  10. Xavier Quillery
  11. Luna

Peter Deleuran (52 years) – vocal, guitar, keyboard, songwriter. Played rock and blues since he was 8 years. Conductor in the westcoast band: Rattlesnakes, on the scene for the first time in 1964. Later he played with Captajn Scenegal, Høj Moral and now he is conductor in Alz- und Jungheimer Band. All just for fun - until now!! He started this CD-project in spring 2001.

Christian Alvad (51 years) - guitars, dobro, keyboards, programming. He has released 4 albums with the band, Tøbrud, and 7 solo albums between 1980 and 2002. Through the years, composed a wealth of music for film and European television broadcasters. Played the guitar with, and produced for Niels Hausgaard in 15 years. In the same period he has worked as studio musician and producer in all kind of contexts. Producer in his own Tres Estelles Studios in Jujols, France.

CC Møller (57 years) – accordeon, keyboard. Played with Musoc 7 on the left wing music scene in Aarhus in the 70’th. Associate professor at the Music Institute at Aarhus University. Plays in a lot of musical contexts in Aarhus. Normally in his standard uniform: felt hat and white overalls.

Sara Alvad (20 years) - vocal/backing vocals. Played with her own band Mantra for 2 years, singer on Ram Jam Scene on Skanderborg Festival, vocal backing on Erik Grip. Putting a new band together - working on her own material, and it will hit your radiostation sooner or later.

Mikkel Raki Balele Sortstjerne (26 years) – The Hippiepercussionist. Born with the drum sound in his ears. Like his father he plays allmost all kind of percussion. Played with "Helge Elg og stil", "Discobandet" and "Funktion of lust". Now playing with the reggaeband "Slo down", "The Bomb", "Dafunktionen".

Martin Sommer (28 years) – grand piano, keyboard, hammond. Play with Tina Dickow, Julie Berthelsen, MC Einar – conductor at Aarhus Theater.

Jens Christian Damm Pedersen (27 years) – drums. 1996 toured with Big Joe Turner and others out of London. 1998 back in Aarhus toured and recorded with Christian Alvad, Rasmuth Lyberth, Jane Kitto, Jan Kaspersen and others.

Dennis Ahlgren (26 years) – bas, guitar, sousaphone, keyboard. Plays with Tina Dickow and Love Julie. Recording at the moment with Vincent van Gogo. Producer at the Aabyroad Studios, Aarhus.

Xavier Quillery (33 years) – flaminco guitar on ”Hunting for love” Lives his life in Jujols, France, together with his girlfriend and his slimline husky dog. He plays in the high-flying Jujols-band: Funanbul, when he is not playing in a bigger flaminco rock band on festivals in the south of France.

Guillaume Ribeyrolles (31 years) – harmonica. He has played his instrument in 10 years, and he is always well equipped with about 8-10 harmonicas in his pockets. He lives in Ille sur Têt in the Pyrenees, France and is working at the Music Academy of Perpignan making sound for the Perpignan Symphony Orchestra. President of Harmonica Club.

Luna (2004+) - alias the fat fat huskydog. Vocal on and inspiration to ”The fat fat huskydog”.

Thanks to Aabyroad Studios, the band, the Alvad and Ahlgren Deleuran family.