1. Coco & the love (4:15)
  2. Tilted my bed (3:49)
  3. Hunting for love (4:01)
  4. Donít touch my soul (3:57)
  5. Poor old boy from Omaha (4:42)
  6. Young child lullaby (4:02)
  7. Little Pearl (4:47)
  8. Miss Mt. Canigou (4:10)
  9. Cool cool business (3:25)
  10. The invisible touch (4:37)
  11. Running out blues (4:13)
  12. Fat, fat huskydog (5:11)
  13. Tilted my bed (disco version) (3:30)

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Tilted my bed (Disco version)

Early morning
and out of my head
with you by my side
Yesterday evening
you tilted my bed
when we were holding too tight

Not my decision
but I took the call
it?s haunting my mind
Unfair conditions
didn?t like it at all
Sliced a piece of my heart

You tilted my bed
Sliced a peace of my heart
You tilted my head
Sliced a peace of me

Stands to reason
bewitched by your glow
I tried it beforeLike the seasons
I come and I go
N now I walk out the door

No discussions
you run in my veins
Don?t you ever lean on me
Bad repercussions
I?ve done it again
I take my boots on and flee

Chorus repeat

Still hear your lovesong inside
Running scared - running wild
Your eager voice in my ear
the salted taste of an unknown tear

It was a countdown
Looking in your mad eyes
No kiss in the airport
No goodbye in the sunrise

Chorus repeat, repeat

(Deleuran/Hove) Disco version ? Peter Deleuran: Vocal ? Sara Alvad: Backing vocal ? Martin Sommer: Grand piano ? Dennis Ahlgren: Bass ? Jens Chr. Damm Pedersen: Drums ? Mikkel Raki Balele Sortstjerne: Percussion ? Christian Alvad: El-guitar