1. Coco & the love (4:15)
  2. Tilted my bed (3:49)
  3. Hunting for love (4:01)
  4. Donít touch my soul (3:57)
  5. Poor old boy from Omaha (4:42)
  6. Young child lullaby (4:02)
  7. Little Pearl (4:47)
  8. Miss Mt. Canigou (4:10)
  9. Cool cool business (3:25)
  10. The invisible touch (4:37)
  11. Running out blues (4:13)
  12. Fat, fat huskydog (5:11)
  13. Tilted my bed (disco version) (3:30)

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Fat, fat huskydog

Sun rising over the mountains
A clear-cut of shadow and light
Saw a man on the track with a fat-looking dog
Reeling far behind

Decided to check his condition
Found him babbling - down on his knee
Quoting Sermon on the Mount,
Diarrhoea in his brand new hiking shoes

It was the Pyrenees early one morning
It was my friend needing medical care
He was a wanderer, stumbling and stooping
He was walking his fat, fat huskydog
Walking his fat fat huskydog

Doc?s diagnosis confused him
Probably a pee parasite
With origin in the distant Rocky Mountains
Called the Beaver fever disease

Stools blown up in the microscope
It was a Beaver fever alright
Transmitted by the stray dogs
Mingling with his fat huskydog

Chorus 2
It was the Pyrenees early one morning
It was my friend looking for game
He was a wanderer, tormented and stooping
He was infected - by his fat, fat huskydog
Walking his fat, fat huskydog

So don't let your dog go astray
Don't let your dog run free
Cause the beaver might get you
If you?re born under a wandering star

Chorus 3
If you meet a man in the mountains
Could be the Pyrenees or the Alps
Though he smells extremely ill
- still take him on your back
Cause it could be - the Beaver Fever disease
Check out the fat fat huskydog

(Deleuran) ? Peter Deleuran: Vocal ? Sara Alvad: Backing vocals ? Luna: Husky houl ? Dennis Ahlgren: Bass ? Jens Chr. Damm Pedersen: Drums ? Mikkel Raki Balele Sortstjerne: Percussion ? Martin Sommer: Beaver fever piano/organ ? Guillaume Ribeyrolles: Harmonica ? Christian Alvad: Dobros